• 9 July 2017 – Multinational exercise BRAVE WARRIOR -17 in Hungary

    A detachment with 155 soldiers and 25 vehicles from 191st Infantry Battalion “General Radu Golescu” from Arad are participating at multinational exercise Brave Warrior -17 - Hungarian national exercise 2 – 20 july 2017 in numerous Hungarian locations. Focuses on joint maneuvers and the capability of Visegrad Group European Union Battlegroup to conduct equipment staging, enables SG17 participants freedom of movement.

  • 8 July 2017 – Romanian Land Forces soldiers are preparing for action

    Romanian soldiers from 300th Mechanized Infantry “Saint Andrew”, 284th Tanks “Cuza Vodă” and 26th Infantry Battalion “Neagoe Basarab” conducted Field Training Exercises for GETICA SABER-17 multinational exercise.

  • 7 July 2017 – Opening Ceremony for the multinational exercise GETICA SABER-17

    The opening ceremony for the multinational exercise GETICA SABER-17, took place, Friday, 7 July, at the Joint National Training Centre “Getica” in Cincu, Brașov.Approximately 1700 soldiers from 2nd Infantry Division “Getica”, 282th Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Union of the Principalities", 8th LAROM “Alexander I.